Home for a day - South Africa xx

Home for a day - South Africa xx

Home for just one day – South Africa xx

Hallo Julle!!!!

I had a very South African Saturday, it was just soooo magical.

So, Media 24 got hold of me a while ago, asked me if I could do a short video about my life here in the UK as a South African… Had a meeting and did all the interviewing and stuff..

While chatting to the lady, I thought it would be a better idea if we did one of a bunch of South African ladies together, because for me it is all about the SA community in the UK…..the company thought it was a great idea, so I started organising it all. Well we had the shoot on Saturday Morning (27/2/2016) in Staines at the Spur Restaurant. We were given the restaurant all to ourselves for 2 hours before opening time… it is nice when you know the right people in the right places ne!! Thanks David, Melvern and the staff for helping us out on this one.

Dit was darem nou vir jou a snaakse affere hoor, ons het gelag, gehuil en geeet. Ok kyk, 'n klomp SAFFA girls in een plek…. You asking for the South African to come out in each of us good and proper ne!!

Ok, so we were all at Spur at 10 am…. By half past het van die girls sommer klaar wyn bestel…. Nee wat, I needed a coffee… urgently!!! My nerves were gone, my maag het gevoel asof ek op 'n 100 roller coasters was.

Thanks to the girls for joining me

Maz Jenkins, Muriel, Marietjie, Alta, Janet White, Amanda, Ancilla, Jeanette and Belinda - we had such a lekker chat. SA Style!!! 

While being filmed we talked about life in the UK for a South African, we discussed the weather, the education, the lifestyle, ag sommer alles.

The one thing that came out very clear for me, was that we all love South Africa, no matter why we living here, no matter how long we been living here, and no matter what the reason we left, Mamma South Africa is in our blood, our lungs and imprinted on our skin.

After doing the video shoot I went home, had a little rest and then went to a Sokkie.. I did not know what to expect as I have been to a few Sokkies in the UK and they were ok, well this one was just sommer lekker….. Ok, ek het nou nie gewindsurf nie ok… mar dit was sooo lekker om al die SAFFAS te sien skuur op die vloer. Ek het regtig gevoel asof ek by die huis was. Boeremusiek, Afrikaanse Musiek and lekker Neil Diamond ook.

Ons het die wonderlikste potjie ook sommer geeet.

Ek was vir 'n dag by die huis.

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