Los die Bokkie uit!!!! Petition

Los die Bokkie uit!!!! Petition

Hallo julle!

So Mr Strike wat ook al,  wants to change the bokkie on our rugby jersey to a protea.. is hy dan befok in sy kop??? 

Hey wena!! ..... leave it alone, as South Africans we have to put up with sooo much from this government on a daily basis, but this we will not put up with, forget it, we are now standing up to you Mr Strike it not so lucky ne!!! 

That Bokkie represents all South Africans, we are famous for that bokkie. I honestly do not care what the reasons are, nobody touches the bokkie - klaar. 

Pls people sign the petition to stop them doing this. If we ALL stand together again we can show the power of the people. 

Nobody is asking Bafana to change the logo on the shirts - why must the rugby one be changed? 

ek is nou sommer hell kwaad... 

Show your support & SIGN THE PETITION - Click Here!

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