Made in South Africa

Made in South Africa

Hallo julle!!

For most of us SAFFAS, home is South Africa. Your home country is like your mother. This is why we call it mamma Africa, when we are born, we are given three things, parents, life and a country. Your country is your heritage, it is your birth right, it is your home.

"I am going home for Christmas"

"My sister sent me some South African stuff from home"

"My parents still live back home"

"I miss my home country"

This is what I hear all the time from South Africans, in all the years that I have been involved in the SA community in the UK I have only heard of one South African in the UK that hates the country to the point where they do not even buy SA products, stopped having braais and just stopped being South African period! That is sad, but each to his own en al daai kak….

I admin various groups/pages on Facebook, all for South Africans, one group is for South Africans in South Africa, the rest are all for South Africans in the UK. I have to keep an eye on them all every day, just to make sure the members are happy.

I started the groups because I missed my people, my South Africans that understood me, where I could be a South African without being looked at funny. I just wanted to be with fellow SAFFAS. Like all South Africans, I miss my home, yes, at the moment South Africa is like a bad parent, but hey, she is still my mamma Africa and I love her.

On these groups the topics that most of us take part in are the ones about South Africa, anything about South Africa, a picture of Cape Town, a picture of a braai or a South African dish, biltong, droe wors, wors and any South African drink. Topics we always talk about, going home for Christmas or just going home for a visit, South African food recipes, we even talk about our children missing out on our awesome country, the lifestyle etc, yes, we also talk about the crime, the corruption etc, but mostly we talk about the things that we grew up with, the things that is part of our being.

No matter where in the world you live now, your country is yours, and nobody can take it away from you unless you let them.

You were conceived in Africa, you spent 9 months being carried in Africa, when you were born, the first breath you took, was South African air, your first cry was in Africa, you learnt to walk, talk and laugh in South Africa, the first time you fell and scraped your knee, blood dripped out and fell onto the gravel road, tar road or grass… you left a part of yourself in South Africa, your first kiss you left behind in South Africa, South Africa watched you grow up, she gave you warmth from the sun, she gave you a smile from the landscape and the sweet fruit she made for you, she taught you to be independent and strong, she gave you courage, yes, sometimes she was hard, but she knew it would make appreciate her more. Your blood flows in South Africa.

South Africa is our land, the sad thing is, South Africa as a country did not give up on us, just because we have kak at the moment, we should not give up on her. If somebody was hurting your parents, you would fight back, you would do whatever it takes to protect them, we should do the same for our beloved country.

Before I fall asleep at night, I think about South Africa, when I wake up and lie in bed thinking about stuff, I think about South Africa. My longing to go back is getting stronger every day.

I was born and raised a South African, I shall die a proud South African.

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