Missing my beloved South Africa.

Missing my beloved South Africa.

Today I am sitting here again, looking at my facebook… ai tog!!! Al die mense wat al die mooi pictures van Suid Afrika op my facebook sit… it is enough to make me wanna grab the brandewyn (if only I drank).

Ok, listen, I have never had a holiday in Cape Town ne!!! I went to Cape Town many many years ago to bury my biological father, was daar vir 3 dae, I got to drive past Table Mountain, that left an impression on me, then I went to Cape Town 2 years ago to bury my brother and his girlfriend. Stayed with an old school friend of mine, Christoff who lives in Durbanville, he took me around Cape Town, looking at shopping malls, driving around looking at the most beautiful scenery, in die bakkie se hy heeltyd vir my "Adele, jy moet pics neem, Peter wil dit sien" dan gryp ek gou die iphone en click click click……ek het my so verkyk aan al die mooi dinge daar, mar my hart was baie seer, not just because of my huge loss….. but it was also because I wanted to live in Cape Town, it is sooo pretty.

Ai tog mense!!! I truly believe Cape Town is the most beautiful place on earth. But I want to see more, it will probably take me the rest of my life to explore the whole of the Cape. Ek wil myself verdrink in die Kaap. Ek wil die son sien skyn, I want to taste Cape Wine, ag man!! Ok…. Listen, I do not drink much alcohol ne!! mar ek wil darem ook wyn op die wyn plaas drink, dan kan ek ook se ek het dit gedoen. Tick it off my bucket list. I want to see the dolphins swim in the big ocean, ag asb Liewe Jesus, dit is darem nou seker die mooiste ding om te sien.

Ok ok, so, terwyl ek in die Kaap was het Christoff en sy wonderlike family my Hermanus toe gevat, ag julle, dit is mos dan nou hemel op aarde. I just fell in love with the place. It is soooo absolutely amazing. Ek dink regtig die mense wat in die Kaap bly is lucky, hoor!!.

So nou ja, hier sit ek in die UK, in die winter en verlang huistoe….. weet jy… jou land bly jou land, maak nie saak wat in jou land gebeur nie, it is your country, your people, your blood is somewhere in that country, on a swing or for most of us, on the tar or stof pas, on the rugby field or netball baan.

We have blood, sweat and tears in that country.

I found the poem below, written by South African Liz Bedford. When I read it, It made me cry, this poet feels all our pain.

Cheers skatties xx


So as I shut my eyes to sleep, they fill with tears, for my homeland I weep
For its not just dust or dirt or stone, it's the land I belong to; it was my home!
And as long as I breathe upon this plain, I will always feel this searing pain
Of a life that I had, and cherished and loved, it was snatched from me this home that I loved
For wherever I lay my head in this world, and whatever problems to me are hurled
It will never matter as much as home, because away from my land I feel so alone
Not that I don't have family or kin, but it's the place I miss; I have it within
My soul and being, my presence, it's me! and I will want to return for all eternity
And one day I will, and this I assure, as there is only so much that I can endure
To be a foreigner in my parent's homeland, I do not belong here. you understand?
For I am African, through and through, and I am here through heritage, what do I do?
I try to fit in with all of my might, to be honest my friends it's a constant fight!
I wish I could return to the land that I love, I pray to the big man who lives above
But I know that I am blessed from where I have come, the pride and the breeding cannot be undone
For I am a African, my birth right, my heritage, I had no part in the hate and carnage
I have my identity, and forever will be proud, I will shout it from the rooftops, say it aloud!!
I did not ask for war, or hate and bloodshed, I would stick to my guns until my deathbed
We are all Africans no matter our race, for I think we all dearly love this place
So while I am far and pine for home, I hope that my homeland comes into its own
God Bless Africa, it's a special place, am so thankful that it was my birthplace!

by Liz Crilly Bedford
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