Mr N Qwebe

Mr N Qwebe

Mr Qwebe – I am sorry ne!!!

Ja, I feel sorry for you, shame man…. I don't think people realise how important it is for you to show you have power over a white woman, you are after all is said and done, a leader. Hey, I get it ne!! you must show you are a good leader, you need your followers to see you in a position of authority, why can they not understand you had to show it by humiliating a white, defenseless, hardworking, young woman? You are mos important man, no, I so totally get it ne!!

Listen, being a public figure like you are, is hard work, causing kak all over the world, it takes it out of you. I think it must be such hard work, juggling Uni life (at one of the best uni's in the world nogal broe – hey, so proud of you) and a leader of a movement that is trying so hard to change history, boet, if you accomplish that, you will be seen as a hero. Well done ne!!

I am sure it must be so kak for you to see how the South Africans around the world have come together to help this woman!! I feel sorry for you now. You must feel bad, how could the people turn on you like this? they should have supported you, do they not understand your hatred for the white people? why do they not support you in your efforts to fight this very old and long battle to get back the land that was taken from you? Nee wat skattie – they just do not understand you or your way of thinking. to top it all, the South African people have collected over R40k for her, all done in a few days. ag nee wat!! I wish I could be in SA to stand by you in this terrible time. sorry man!! 

Ok, I know your ambition is to one day be the next President of South Africa, I know and understand that you have to be a leader of something, it is has to go on your CV. Hey, we all got to do what we got to do to get to the top.

You have been given a scholarship to study law, OMG!! That is huge, and that is from the very person you trying to erase from history, fok!!! You have seriously big balls. Again, I take my hat off to you, but, this scholarship was owed to you, so fok dit!! Why not fleece them, I mean, Cecil mos took from you, ok, not you exactly, your fore fathers, but we not gonna be pedantic. People need to understand you are doing this for the greater good.

So ja, I am sorry people don't get you, I think you need to come out and show the people your colourful personality. After all you are a member of the rainbow nation. 

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