Mr Zuma - Your Are Fired!!!

Mr Zuma - Your Are Fired!!!

Zuma!! Genoeg is Genoeg ne……..

Hallo julle!!

This is my opinion.

"Dear Mr Jacob Zuma, you have embarrassed our people, our country and our integrity for far too long now, you have insulted our intelligence, you have made us the laughing stock of the world. You think you are above the law, you think you have the right to do just what you like, ai kona wena!! 

Let me just explain your job to you, because I think somebody forgot to tell you what your job description is ne!! You work for the South African People; you serve the South African people and more importantly your serve the country. The South African people put you in that job and trust me, if you mess up, they will fire you…. They are allowed to do that, the South African people in effect, pay your salary and indirectly the South African people are YOUR boss.

So the country (your boss) is now saying to you, Mr Jacob Zuma, you're fired. 

At this point you are supposed to then accept it and clear your desk and leave ne!!! nee… not you, we (your boss) say "you're fired" you say "ai kona, you can't fire me, I am not going anywhere, I am staying here" eish wena – maybe it is your lack of education, lack of caring, lack of whatever – but you just not getting it – now we are asking you again.

Mr Jacob Zuma – Can you please leave the job and let somebody else more capable and less corrupt do the job.

We are gatvol ne!! This is what will or should happen when you leave:

The Rand will probably strengthen somewhat, business people might start investing again, and we can spend the millions you wasted, on real redevelopment projects, rather than spending the money to build fire pools en kak.

Hey, I will even put myself forward to do take over your post…. I don't mind ne! I know I can do a much better job than you.

So Mr Zuma, its time to take note .......YOU'RE FIRED!!! "

Thank you

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