Being South African in a Foreign Land

Being South African in a Foreign Land

​Hello julle!!! 

I believe strongly in South Africans meeting up, chatting, braaiing etc. It helps... I run a number of Facebook groups for South Africans living here in the UK. the reason I started these groups is simple.... I craved being with my people, speaking the lingo, being with people that understood me (well, most of the time in my case). ja, dis wat ek baie gemis het, om te kuier soos ons kan kuier. 

To relocate to another country is hard, I am not talking about the paper work, the selling of house and furniture.. I am talking about once you land in the foreign country, your new adopted country, wat dan?? so you have a house to live in, you have a job, you been in that country for a while now, you mostly mix with the people at work, and you not noticing anything different within yourself yet.. you to busy taking it all in. After a while, when you speak to your ma op die foon in Afrikaans, kom jy agter jy sukkel om party woorde te se, you need to think about the next word in Afrikaans, dis dan wat dit stadig begin insak... oh my donner!!! wat gaan hier aan? 

Then one day you accidentally find a SA Shop.... jy hesitate nie eers nie, hol daar in asof die duiwel jou gat klap.... you take it all in, and you are vocal about it ne!!! OOO kyk hier, Nik Naks, CREAM SODA!!!!!- dan gryp jy sommer die hele six pack.... en so loop jy deur die shop, verkyk jou aan die goed wat jy so mis - tot jy die Wors of Biltong of droewors sien, daar stop jy...... jy kan voel hoe jou hart huil van joy, jy staan daar vir so rukkie en kyk, jou kop spin skoon. Wat gat jy nou doen? jy weet jy moet dit koop, mar wat gaan jy koop - ag bogger dit - jy wil iets van alles he, then you notice other people walk in the shop, you look at them, then realise where you are, this must mean they are South African, I AM NOT ALONE!!!!! you then hang around a little just to hear if they are, they look at you, they smile - Ja wat, dis a Suid Afrikaner daai... you just know it, you can feel it - you are happy -  You walk out the shop with the biggest smile on you face. This is now your SA Shop. It feels like you have just found a treasure chest. 

Now it has sunk in that you are in a foreign land, with people that do not sometimes understand you, you have had to change your way of speaking..... and every time you do that, you feel a little bit of yourself, your South Africanness dies when you have to replace Robot with Traffic light, circle with round about, but at least they all think you are posh when you answer them with "JA". 

You on Facebook one day, checking out what other people say, eat, ask,  etc..... you notice on the corner the flag - the only flag that matters to you........ you click - suddenly you are exposed to a world you did not know about - South Africans on Facebook... by this time you have sat up, en jy kyk, en jy kyk..... you have not noticed the smile on your face, the excitement in you heart. You asked to join one group, then another one, you read what other South Africans say.... dit is lekker. 

Nou begin jou hart nie meer so swaar te wees nie - you found us!!!! 

While on Facebook, chatting away to other South Africans, not feeling so lonely at night anymore... you hear about a braai somewhere - you are now very excited, you going!! klaar.. You can not wait to smell a worsie op die kole, to drink a bier en praat your taal with other like minded people, to joke in Afrikaans.. to laugh about things you understand. 

You are now a South African in a foreign land - Welcome to the Global South Africans. 


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