WOW a pizza for the ‘Gupta’ Wealthy – only £500

WOW a pizza for the ‘Gupta’ Wealthy – only £500

If you use Krugerrands as change in your wallet, then you are probably 'gupta' wealthy and this pizza is definitely for you.

A 23 Carat Gold flake pizza smothered with white truffle oil and topped with Caviar, lobster and fantail prawns. Included is the red carpet delivery, with the flare expected at this price, and butler service at any location in the UK.

The R11000 Pizza can be ordered on-line from Pizza GoGo in the UK.

As a regular average saffa boytjie, I unfortunately will probably never get the opportunity to blow that much on a pizza, so to all the folk with gupta wallets, please let me know what it tasted like.

Gupta Wealthy in this instance means super wealthy and not necessary wealth earned from sedition control of SA government coppers & departments.

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