Immigration Fee Increase 2016-17.

Immigration Fee Increase 2016-17.

The Home Office will be increasing the immigration fees for 2016-17 by 25%. The changes will be implemented on the 18th of March 2016.

Prices is as follows:

Family and spouse visas £1,195

Spousal/Dependent Visa £811

Adult Dependent Relatives £2,676 

Settlement application within the UK £1,875 (Postal) 

British citizen naturalization adults £1,236.00 (includes £80 Ceremony Fee) 

Child registration £936

Tier 2 sponsor licence £1,476 (Many Options and Prices for various ways of applying) 

Other fees for visit, study and work visas will increase by only 2%

The Premium Service Fee is increasing to £500.00 (Same Day Service) 

Super Premium service for Naturalisation that takes 24 hours and they come to your house for £8750

Non Acquisition letter £198 

A new £25 fee for processing invalid applications is also to be introduced. At the moment, any fee paid for an invalid application is refunded. New premium rate phone lines for status checks (for landlords and employers, presumably) are also to be introduced costing as much as £1.23 per minute.They are also now charging £42 to have your docs returned to you before a decision has been made if you need them back urgently.

Heathrow Fast Track for £3.60 per journey - you can go through the Fast Track line without having to wait with the nation through customs.

Ancestry Visa: You can only apply from outside of the UK for an Ancestry Visa - if applying from SA its currently R7776 but will also be increasing by 25% on Friday.

Click here for details of the new fees on the government website.

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