San Bushmen Hit The Pop Charts.

San Bushmen Hit The Pop Charts.

Charlie Simpson (UK Fightstar frontman and ex member of group Busted) records a new song with the San Bushmen saying that recording a song with one of Africa's oldest tribes, the San people, was a "magical experience".

The Fightstar frontman and former Busted member travelled to Namibia for a new series on Watch called Singing In The Rainforest.

"My music was unlike anything they'd heard before, and they'd never seen an electric guitar or piano before. They played music for me. It was rhythmical and I played for them," 

"I started playing a song in return called Emily off my last solo record, it's quite slow, like a ballad. Some of the men in the tribe started crying. It was just the most touching experience and I was blown away by it. They all came up and hugged me." 

The singer and guitarist, says it was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of his life. "They genuinely might have thought, 'I don't get this at all.' So it was lovely to see that reaction in them. "I am really pleased with the song that we wrote in the end, it was really tough."

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