The Acacia Like You Never Seen Before

The Acacia Like You Never Seen Before

Awesome footage of the South African Acacia Tree commonly known as the Umbrella Thorn. Enjoy and here's the backend story behind the video.

"In the heart of the African bush, time-lapse photographers Drew Geraci and Andrew Breese, trek across the golden landscape to capture a single tree, the Acacia. The mission of this trip was to showcase the Acacia in as many different environmental compositions as possible (within a 3 day window). This footage is part behind-the-scenes and actual production shots that will be used in PBS's 'Nature' as a new show introduction.

Our journey started with an 18 hour plane ride to Johannesburg, South Africa, and continued with a 6 hour drive to Pongola, where we arrived at a private game reserve (Kwazulu). The clock was ticking for us to find the 'perfect' tree so we set out at early dawn to scout and snap a few time-lapse shots in the process. We were greeted by all types of animals; lions, zebra, wart hog, hippo, giraffe, elephants, and more. At the end of the day we found two Acacia trees that matched the compositions we were looking for.

One of the most memorable moments to this trip was driving out in the middle of nowhere at 1 a.m. with a game warden (that barely spoke any English) and gazing up at the milky-way as we set up our time-lapse gear. We were always on a constant and vigilant watch for lions, leopards, snakes and ticks. Thankfully we didn't have any run ins with any such creatures. One of our shots (which will forever be one of my favorite shots) shows the perfectly silhouetted acacia tree on a mountain ridge as we shot up from below, allowing the milk-way to spiral behind it. The end result left our jaws on the floor.

This video is comprised of over 25,000 individual photographs. "

By Drew Geraci (District 7 Media)

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