Meet 'The Muses' - a breath of fresh air

Meet 'The Muses' - a breath of fresh air

Meet four drop-dead gorgeous, classically-trained virtuosos, all keen to get as many people on their feet and dancing the night away each time they unpack the contents of their three carefully considered albums.

The Muses' journey began in 2011, and in that time the four-piece have played the length and breadth of South Africa. Known for their quality productions, qualification as classically trained, pop prepped and able to deliver musicians, the music The Muses make generates enough energy to contribute to the national power grid and light a dance floor indefinitely. Whether it's "Party Rock", "Pata, Pata" or "Don't You Worry Child", their biggest floor fillers are soon to be topped by their new inclusions from the likes of Coldplay, John Newman, George Ezra amongst others.

The chemistry that makes The Muses spark comes from many different places. "Ruby is the rock chick and is as happy go lucky as you get", Kotze explains. "Mia's world revolves around music, she loves anything new and fresh on the market and with a busy teaching schedule there's never a quiet moment in her life. Laetitia is finishing off her degree in music at the University of Pretoria, so there's lots of classical influence in her life and Ashley who is the newest member of the group also teaches and especially loves that we can inspire children through our music

So what's clear is their musical influences are varied, and some even a little less mainstream, but between the four music-makers, each has their favourite. The best part being that they all get to show off their rich personalities at different times, thanks to the diversity of their respective and evolving playlists.

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