What does the word 'SAFFA' mean?

What does the word 'SAFFA' mean?

SAFFA is strongly associated with South Africans, but SAFFAevents have taken "poetic licence" to use it more widely defining a larger area. We use it technically 'incorrectly' on the Website to broadly mean any person from the Southern African Region encompassing South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe and ex Rhodesians - don't shoot us, its just catchy and most Southern Africans will get it!

Real world meaning and use:

Although there is no real clear definition to be found on informative web sites, it is urban slang and has become regarded as a way to describe anyone from South Africa! Having googled it, the results are shown below along with links. Its definitely a word that is gaining momentum as more and more people use start to refer to us Southern Africans as Saffa's.

Definitions found on the web:-

funtrivia.com: Saffa comes from the abbreviation SAF which is used to denote South Africa in sporting events. It is not a small jump to conclude that people from SAF must be SAFFA'S

Urban Dictionary: A real South African
Saffa is a term used for South African immigrants taking over a country (usually London) :)
An awesomest person ever

Wiktionary.org: Saffa – A South African person, especially used by Australians who have lived in the UK.

abbreviations.com: A real South African (not an acronym)

Wordnik.com: Have the word listed but no definition (lots of quoted examples though)- maybe if someone wants to go ahead and help define it for them.

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