AfrikaBurn, as unique as Africa

AfrikaBurn, as unique as Africa

AfrikaBurn, What is it? - and no, its not a hippie braai! well in one sense it could be. AfrikaBurn is the unbelievable and amazing result of the creative artistic expression of a community of volunteers who, once a year, gather in the Tankwa town in the Karoo to make a scene like no where else on earth.

Here, in the middle of nowhere where a cell phone signal is virtually non existent, gather a bunch of like minded people who create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance! For those that have been no explanation is necessary, for those that haven't none is possible. AfrikaBurn will blow your hair back whichever way you choose to experience it. Watch this an Amazing Video from AfrikaBurn 2015 by Befokte Kosche and artistafrica. 

For the next AfrikaBurn dates check out the Afrikaburn website

Some awesome pictures below from previous years at AfrikaBurn

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