Plan an Extraordinary Holiday - Part 1

Plan an Extraordinary Holiday - Part 1

​Holidays are not something fairly regular; one has to opt for a destination which will make up for the most cherished times to kick back and relax till the very next opportunity arrives, may it be next year or the very next season. How stale and dull the whole ordeal can be after visiting the same destinations again and again, providing sufficient friction to drop the idea of travelling altogether.

With the clock ticking continuously and no particular country in mind, it becomes really frustrating at times. Favourably though, there are many notable countries which still make for a great trip for the summers, or even winters, which may have slipped your priority list for vacationing.


Tired of having déjà vu? Not really fond of travelling miles only to be pictured inside your lodgings or taking screenshots of your favourite RPG? Well for those who are travelling for travel's sake, look no further. Uganda is precisely that adventurous gateway you have in mind.

With a limited tourism infrastructure, except for what nature has already furnished it with, it comes as a big surprise that the country enters into a ground-breaking competition with the rest of the world. Fill your gauge with local mood as you head out to visit the safaris, hill stations and the country's unparalleled biodiversity. 


No barbed wires for trekkers to India; now that the country's state of affairs has improved significantly in favour of tourism, it's more than just the monetary convenience that draws folks and keeps them coming back to the country. Shopping malls and local bazaars, theme parks and game arcades, theatres to museums, and festivals to rituals, the excuses are endless.

The Mughal regalia include architectural wonders like the legendary Taj Mahal, Qutb Minar and Agra Fort. You can't even begin to identify with modern India until you've visited Goa. If your life is darker than black, the beach festivities and galas at Goa would definitely be your 'cure-all'.


An Englishman does not travel to see another English man or so they used to say. Travelling to Hungary is not only glamorous in retrospect but in all actuality a magnificent experience. With tourist sites rivalling that of Paris in the west- the Buda Castle and Tihany resort in particular- the country has become the jewel of Eastern Europe. 

It hardly makes an iota of a difference whether you visit the art nouveau country houses or the super-duper five stars- as long as you stay close to the Danube, your mind is sure to be on cloud nine. Budapest itself is quite effortless to navigate as the majority of sites are concentrated around the watercourse, making it perfect for 'amphibious' travellers.


For us to see what Romania actually is, let's establish what it is not. It is neither a dreamland that's exceedingly unaffordable nor a place that's lacking the usual Occidental lustre. Since it offers so much and asks for so little in return, Romania is a big hit as an emerging destination among tourists.

With plenty of architectural influences and culinary delights, Bucharest is a dream within a dream. Make sure to visit mysterious attractions like the cemeteries, monasteries and the Godzilla like neo-renaissance castles. Those with a vampire fetish may want to plump for flights to Romania- the realm of Dracula.


What it lacks in area, it makes up for in appeal and magnetism. Finding herself in a fierce competition against aces like U.A.E and Israel, Kuwait accelerated far enough till it gained considerable recognition by worldwide tourists. 

The feedback encouraged further development in the sector and the little contestant is on the rise ever since. The towering skyscrapers in Kuwait city are a clear manifestation of that.

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