Speaking Afrikaans in a Foreign Country

Speaking Afrikaans in a Foreign Country

hallo julle!!! 

ok, I am sure we have all done this ne!!  Speaking Afrikaans in Public, thinking nobody else can understand you...... 

Sometimes, when my husband and I are in public, I will say something to him in Afrikaans then he will say to me "Those people are South African, they can understand you" dan skrik ek my gat los.... lol but one day, it really did happen, 

Ok, so.. it was a cold winters evening, I was at the Station with my friend Naz and my daughter Kay (she was about 13 at the time), standing at the station were other people aswell... Naz was fresh of the boat from SA, we standing waiting for the train, Naz says to me

Naz: "Se vir Kay sy moet hier kom sit, want die man is dalk a kinner molester, kyk hoe kyk hy vir haar, ons moet haar beskerm" 

Me: smiling "Nee Naz, jy bly nou in Engeland, ons is mos hier, hy sal niks try nie"

Naz "Nee, mens weet nooit nie" 

Me: "Is ok, sy staan hier by ons" 

Die hele tyd kyk ek vir die ou, iets binne my se die hele tyd "die ou verstaan ons" coz he kept looking at us and tried very hard not to smile, hy het so klein skeef smile op sy gesig, but then I thought "nee, is coz we speaking in a foreign lingo en hy dink dis snaaks". 

We get on the train, later after getting off the train at our station, I am walking on the platform, then I hear  this South African accent behind me, I turn around to look and see this oke on the phone,  oh donner!!!!!!  it's him, it's the guy  at the station.... Ek het sommer yskoud geword, I looked at him, he looked at me... en daar lag ek my dood,  I called Naz - I told her what I just heard and saw... shame die arme vrou - she sommer started running away, shouting at me..... all I can do is laugh. 

A couple of weeks later, I get a PM on Facebook from some guy, he is a South African, living close to me and wanted to just chat about his business and if he could advertise on one of the groups. After all the long chatting, he then says to me "by the way, I am not a peado"  nou kyk ek my PC skeef aan.... ok, die man is nie reg in die kop!! "Weirdo alert" . I then said "HUH???" and this is when he starts explaining to me who he is...... ag, slat my dood met 'n vrot vis.... dis hy, dis die man by die stasie, die peado!!! 

Ja, I was very apologetic, he understood and saw the funny side to it.... we ended up being friends, kuiering and being SAFFAS. We still friends today..... 

You just never know ne!! so oppas.......

Do you have a story of being embarrassed in public speaking Afrikaans? 

Tell us your story in the comments below........

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