Easy Peasy To Break Into Your Suitcase

Easy Peasy To Break Into Your Suitcase

If you thought that locking your suitcase would prevent thieves from raiding your luggage, you're wrong. This video shows just how easy it is for baggage handlers to break into a locked zipped suitcase and leave it looking like it's never been touched.

American traveller 'bosnianbill' was inspired to make the video after a colleague had things stolen from his suitcase when flying from.

Passengers have long complained that suitcase locks are failing to protect luggage, with video showing how pens and paperclips can be used to break them. But this latest technique shows how passengers can leave the airport completely unaware that their suitcase has been tampered with.

The video shows how baggage handlers can simply use a ballpoint pen to split open a zip on a soft suitcase, help themselves to the contents, then simply slide the zip from one end to the other, to close the luggage back up again.

So how do you protect yourself? Well the video suggests upgrading to a hard shell type case without zips and with the ability to padlock it securely.

Certainly worth thinking about on your next trip to Africa. The majority of passengers travelling to South Africa do get their cases 'wrapped' in cling film at the airports – a valuable service, but it does leave you wandering how hard it would be to remove the wrap, break in with a pen, remove the valuables and the re-wrap the case. Just a thought!

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